Have you consider upgrading your legacy phone system lately?

Technology improvements in this area have been pretty dramatic. More often than not, I have seen phone bills cut in half when these upgrades are made.

Online collaboration with Microsoft Teams, Google Voice, and other platforms provide multiple options for enhancing a company’s productivity.

Let’s just consider for a second the benefits of making these upgrades and set costs aside for a moment. The reasons why I advocate this upgrade to my clients is due to these reasons.

  • If you have multiple sites, you are not shut down if your phone system goes offline for any reason. The other sites will be able to answer the calls.
  • If you have only one site and the phone system goes offline, you will now have failover system. The hosted phone system can forward the calls to another number (land line, cell phone, etc) and well as send you a .wav file sent in email. No need to dial into a voicemail system and retrieve your messages.
  • The parts for these legacy phone systems are hard to find. Companies have to resort to search on sites such as Amazon and eBay for parts. Once these parts are found, then you need to find a technician that is trained on these older system to get the system back online.
  • Lightning strikes are less likely to take down the phone system since there is no copper phone lines to be affected.