Closeout Package

Closeout packages are an important part of every project. Not only are they required for every site, but they are often a pay point milestone. Delays in getting a closeout approved means a delay in final payment for completing that site. For small projects, this task usually falls to the construction manager. For larger projects, companies tend to hire temporary administrative help.

The problem with hiring admin help is that it’s difficult to find admin assistance who have telecom experience. Learning the industry terminology, basic telecom construction processes, and identifying telecom equipment visually is often a daunting challenge. Companies end up spending money on a lot of “down” hours. These are hours spent learning, waiting on documents to come in, and inefficient processes.

Enter the closeout package service providers. A closeout package service provider already has industry experience. Since they specialize in closeouts, they’ve already developed in-house tools and efficient processes to churn out quality closeout packages quickly. This greatly reduces turn-around time which means a quicker final payment.

TR Network Consulting provides closeout package services for our contractor industry clients.  We make use of pre-filled forms and software automation to provide this low cost service.  We have years of experience in the most complicated closeouts for the wireless industry (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and others).  This is a value added service that can help reduce administrative cost, reduce return trips for missing information, and provide “first glance” QA review to all photos, test results, and documents.

We guarantee quality closeout packages with our approval-backed experience, delivered on time with construction. Don’t wait until you’re overloaded with documents, get us on board and start invoicing the same day construction is complete.