Need an Internet connection and have no idea who to call or what you need? Send us the address of the location needing an Internet connection. We will then provide you a list of the options available in that area.  Each Internet Service Provider is not the same. There are services that are more stable and reliable then others.


Are you ready for an upgrade to your phone system? In most cases, we can save you money and provide you more features to enhance your customer service. Some examples include:

  • Voicemail being sent to your email.
  • Forward the calls to another phone if the Internet goes down.
  • No longer need the copper phone lines and long-distance plans for each phone line.
  • Reduce the amount of phone lines you need.
  • Follow me technology (ring your cell phone at the same time as your phone extension).


VoIP Phone Systems

Legacy phone systems have several common issues. One, parts are hard to find. Second, finding a skilled teleponey technician is equally as difficult to find.

These systems are also thought of to be more secure than the new systems. This is incorrect. I have a current client right now that has an legacy system and had their system compromised several years ago and

Consider having a FREE review of your current phone bill. We can discuss with you the features that are provided with the updated technology.